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Dead Good Detectives

Meet the ghosts in this hilariously heart-racing and spooky adventure and young souls of 8+ by the author of the bestselling Land of Roar series. Perfect for fans of BBC's Ghosts!


Sid Jones loves hanging out in the graveyard with her best friend Zen - they are desperate to see a real-life ghost! 

But when Sid accidentally summons a 300-year-old pirate from the dead, it opens the door to the HALFWAY HOUSE - a magical inn FULL of lost souls from across the ages, all trapped there by a sinister landlord. 

There are more ghosts that Sid could ever have imagined - and they're all sure Sid is there to save them! (Sid's sure there's been some kind of mistake.)

Publisher: Farshore

July 7th, 2022

Available Here


Dead Good Detectives: Ghost Rescue

Sid Jones has always known she is different,

but after accidentally freeing a 300-year-old

pirate ghost (using a gel pen and a chocolate bar),

Sid realises that she has actual MAGIC!


Sid starts to use her magic to free more ghosts,

who have all been trapped by the sinister innkeeper.

But then a mysterious sickness strikes the people

of Fathom. Can Sid and best friend Zen solve the

mystery, save the town and free the ghosts?


A truly epic conclusion to this dynamite duology from the bestselling author of the Land of Roar series

Publisher: Farshore

August 3rd, 2023

Available Here

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