chloe dominique


Chloe Dominique is a freelance illustrator and concept artist, based in the UK.


Storytelling is at the heart of her work, which she loves to explore through design, colour and light. She also finds inspiration in cinematography and is interested in applying a cinematic influence to her illustrations. 

Her favourite kinds of projects are full of heart, adventure and charm, with a special fondness for the offbeat and mysterious. As a child, her imagination was fuelled by films of adventure and books full of frights, magic and mystery. As an adult, this is still very much the case!

Working across animation and video games, Chloe specialises in concept art, character design and art direction.

Chloe also works in children's publishing, and is represented by the wonderful team at 

The Bright Agency


Some of her clients include: Disney, The Roald Dahl Story Company, Yamination Studios, Bossa Games, Moonrise Animation, Skjald, and various publishing houses internationally. 



For publishing related enquiries, please contact Arabella Stein

For other enquiries, please contact

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