chloe dominique

I'm an Illustrator and Concept Artist from the UK, working in Animation, Video Games and Publishing.

I work with Animation and Game studios as a Freelance Artist, specializing in concept art, character design and art direction

For work enquiries, please contact me directly at

I'm also represented as an Illustrator for children's publishing by the fabulous team at The Bright Agency.

For publishing enquiries, please contact Arabella Stein

Some clients I've worked with include...

Disney advertising, Yamination Studios, Bossa Studios, Moonrise Animation, Skjald, Goldborough Studios, and various Publishing Houses internationally. 


Growing up in the 90s, my imagination was fuelled by films of adventure and books full of magic, frights and mystery. They inspired a love of storytelling, alongside my natural inclination to draw, which led me to study Illustration at Norwich University of the Arts, followed by an

MA in Concept Art at Teesside University. 

Currently I'm based in Norwich, where you'd probably find me tucked away in a plant and book filled home-studio with my 'Dog of Mischief', Loki.

My favourite kinds of projects are full of heart, adventure and charm, with a special fondness for the offbeat and mysterious. Storytelling is at the heart of what I do, and I love to explore it through design, colour and light in my illustrations.



I spend a lot of time inside for my work and many things I enjoy doing (reading/watching films/playing video games/drawing), so I love to get out and explore!

Whether that's taking long walks along the coastline on blustery days, finding peculiar treasures in antique shops, or discovering a new place, there's something refreshing about even the simplest of adventures. I'm from Yorkshire, so I always love returning to the homelands to explore the beautiful landscapes of the North.

I mainly use Instagram, so if you'd like to see behind the scenes, illustration,

and lots of Loki content, I'll see you there!

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