Chloe Dominique is a Freelance Illustrator & Concept Artist based in the UK, working across Animation, Video Games & Children's Publishing.

Originally from Yorkshire, and now living in Norwich with a VFX Wizard and their Dog of Mischief, Loki, you'll find her with a cup of tea in hand, illustrating her socks off

in a plant and book filled home studio.

Chloe uses Procreate and Photoshop to create charming characters and illustrative scenes infused with emotion, storytelling, and a flair for light and colour.

When she's not drawing, Chloe enjoys exploring the coastline on blustery days, finding peculiar treasures in antique shops, playing video games, and listening to Weird Fiction podcasts. 

Represented by the Bright Agency

For publishing/illustration enquiries contact:

To say hello, or for non-publishing related enquiries pop an email to:

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